Monday, February 7, 2011


Hey people, I have now moved to and I promise I will start blogging again! (:

Thank you!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I know I'm not supposed to be blogging nor youtube-ing but ahhhh!
today is the last day okay? :D

do you miss me? you better do because I miss all of you! (:

Idontknowwhattotype. Idontknowwhattotype. Idontknowwhattotype.

for you guys who has been wondering what I'm doing lately,

I'm being a good student because I attend school every single day!

and I revise even though my place black out almost every single night?!
wtf. -.-

I'm being a good daughter because I attend event with my father.
he's not in the pic, obviously.

I'm being a good friend because I took picture with my friends beside the beach?

and I'm being a good tourist because I visited a few beaches in Sabah?
Cuti-Cuti Malaysia?

I forgot where's the place anyway. =/

Ahhh I don't know what to type already. serious shit.
oh my daiyima just came. -.-

that's me! when I was 4 I guess. :D
and that's my stepdad and mommy! (:

you see!
I don't know what to type already and I'm uploading pictures over here randomly. lol

oh, that's my classmates! yes we eat in the class because we're cool like that! :D
and I'm so going to miss my baju kurung

and my mentos bag! damn colourful lo okay?
my bag got 8 colours 1 lo okay? yours lehhhh? :P

oh, and 26 more days to SPM?

okay I damn emo already ahahahhaha!
better off to study (:

ya right

bye darlyns bye sayangs!
hugs (:

Friday, July 31, 2009

short update:

  1. I just finished my 1st SPM trial and I'm sick.
  2. A student from my school is infected by H1N1 and our school is NOT closing.
  3. We need to wear mask to school starting from next Monday.
  4. Happy Birthday to Mei Yean!
  5. I'm still alive.
  6. My father and stepmom in Sabah separated few months ago and we moved out from the house and now I'm staying with my uncle and aunt.
  7. I think I'm quite independent. I guess.
  8. I spent 60% of my time in school. 10% time watching tv and 30% of my time tidur.
  9. Jon and Kate is going to divorce! how can?! they were so sweet together and 8 of their kids are soooo adorable!
  10. There's some problem between mom and stepdad in KL.
  11. I need to be independent!
  12. Why is everyone divorcing? where is the love? ):
  13. I'm going back to KL on 13th of December! WEEEE!

signing out with loves.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm back I'm back!
Karena Cheow Wei Wei is reporting from Kuala Lumpur! :D

damn tired laaa.
my flight delayed for almost 2 hours.
MAS suxx! >.<


will blog more soon!
off to makan durian and oi oi! (:

Thursday, April 16, 2009


this is a cam-whore post of Karena Cheow Wei Wei and Jamie Liew Sook Mei

when Kari meets Jami


that day JulienMissJuu left quite early and I've no one to cam-whore with.
Thanks God as I still have my JamieOhSoFair! (:
and you know what?
I didn't cam-whore for almost 3 months already!

so yeah...

yes, we actually cam-whored with the toilet bowl. =/

this is what happened when Kari and Jami saw a hugeee mirror!

when the others listening to the award thingy at downstairs, we went upstairs to cam-whored with the oh-so-comfy sofa! :D

thanks Firdauz for helping us! (:

and you know what?
Miss Jamie Liew brought her Add Maths textbook to the club.
wtf right? lol

Jeff teaching us. hahaha!

after the party,
we had yum cha session at Old Town Cheras and we continued to......

awwwww! (:

last pic of the day! hehehh

I don't know why but I feel like eating man yee min!

Monday, April 13, 2009

okay, let's continue my previous post! (:

Karena Cheow Wei Wei is damn lazy to think of something to write,
so let the photos do the talking okay? (:

my kawanterterterterterbaik, JulienMissJuuu

with MayLavigne.
spm yo!

the Js and the Ks
Karena, Jamie Liew, Jamie Chin and Kate

with JosephKiwi

with NigelSiaLingWei

with AhTock, the Shanghai JasonMraz.

with Jamie and Zues

with JulienMissJuu and SandraNanny

with KatePerry, JamieOhSoFair and HikaruMraz

with Simon, the retired HipHop singer?

StanleyOhSoTall is Oh-So-Tall!
195cm weh!

JeremyTeo, the toilet guy.

with ZForZach

with JeffDaddyLooksSoYoung

with NicholasChayChay

with SammieGorgeous and IsabelleCantik

omg I love Sammie's dress!

with IssacLongTimeNoSee

with KeLLi the pinko woman!

with KYLooksLikeAhNiu

this pic damn cannot make it man!
who's the photographer? >.<

with AaronTheCincauHangus

with the MrazTakMacamMraz

with AudreyHamasaki

this is Zoe, my neighbour! (:

with YapThomasDamnSkinny

thomas, eat moreee!

with TanYeeCowPanjangTangan

with YatzTheOneAndOnly and AndrewWongFeiHung

Jamie's hair damn nice!

with AnnMarieTheMommy

with AlexTheKeen


candid candid

I love her! (:

last pic of the day! :P

add maths oh add maths!