Saturday, June 30, 2007

30th of June

Yup...2day is 30 of 2 months anniversary with my baby frans.. we coupled on 30th of april and we know each other on 11 of september.. 911~ hahaha..
Too bad~ i cant celebrate with him.. he went back to his hometown.. for 1 month man! imagine how lonely i am.. haha.. i tot he will 4got.. but.. just now when im uploading the photo.. he msged me!! such a sweet msg.. he remember!!! awww~ so sweet of him!! I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM!!! haha.. although 2 months is short.. but hu cares? as long as we love each other... am i right?? =P

now my heart is as SWEET as this~


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Andy Forever said... on tis , coz its newest ^^ thanks for adding me in ur connect list , i dono how to do it =,= ~

this post...hmm..wish u hapi wif frans o %^%