Monday, June 25, 2007

bla bla bla

2day daddy received a letter from his sponsored child.. he's from thailand.. my mom sponsors a child too.. tat little girl from lebanon.. they sponsor them through World Vision.. every month pay 50bucks nia.. mayb 50 bucks 4 us is a small amount. but 4 them.. they can go study.. eat healthier food..n blaaa... the 50 bucks can make their life better.. quite meaningful though. LOL

this girl named Atallah Anjie Philip, 6 years old, from Lebanon

this boy named Thongthai Theerasak, 9 years old, from Thailand

I just realize that their name quite long and very hard 2 memorize. hahaa.. Thongthai said he wants to become an army in the future to protect his country.. not bad not bad~

today mommy get her new car.. she seems happy.. hahah.. went out shopping for the whole day.. LOL.. oh ya.. today i absent to sku.. not ponteng la.. people sick wohhh~ what to do? lolx.

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