Tuesday, June 26, 2007

skip meeting..

every tuesday n wednesday, we have to stay back for meeting and game.. 2day is tuesday.. we have history & geography meeting and volleyball game.. all tbc members attend to history & geography meeting.. but.. only rachel and eunice go for volleyball.. well.. teacher combined us with bola baling.. quite bored though.. didnt learn how 2 play volleyball also.. only play those stupid games.. *sigh*
my friends and me skip the meeting and went to mamak stall 'yam cha'.. LOL.. and walking around jalan peel area till 4pm...wasting time right? but what to do... v'r jobless.. lol...
this sat we've to go to the jogathon thingy.. go there n run... wasting time~ i rather stay at home n sleep.. lol.. after running, all my beloved sisters will come to my house and swimming.. will take some pic and upload in my next blog..

*to be continue....

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