Monday, June 25, 2007


2moro have to go to sku edi.. erm.. should be later, not 2moro. now the time is 1.27am. gotta go to sku at 6am. duh~
seriously, i hate sku! but sumtimes i love sku~ haha.. i dunno y..
just now i was too jobless.. so i go list down what i've to do and not to do.. and i paste it on the wall.. haha.. i hope i can change all my bad habit.. my mom always complain bout my attitude.. sorry mom!! I'll try to change k?
sumtimes i hate myself.. i wonder.. y others can did it but i cant! felt useless too~ i knew i have to do sth.. time will prove.. gotta be patience..
i absent to school on last friday and last last friday.. went back to ipoh.. oops! shud be went to ipoh.. not went back.. ipoh not my hometown.. haha.. my beloved granny pass away.. ouch! i miss her so much! i still remember when i was small.. she always take k of me.. she said i've to be tough! im not as lucky as others.. they can stay wif their parents and family.. but i cant! my parents dump me.. and i have to stay wif my babysitter.. sumtimes i really feel jelez.. why u guys's life better than me?? i hope i can stay wif my parents too...

Thanks God.. when i was 10 years old.. my mom came back and she took me back from my babysitter.. she said she wants to take k of me.. but.. izit too late??? that time i was 10 and now im 14 turning 15... why can't you come back when i was 2 or 3? daddy and u dumped me when i was 1 month old! ITS ONE MONTH OLD!!!
fine.. you'r my mom.. what can i do? i can only accept u and stay wif u...... and ur husband..
u know wat? that time i wondered.. who is this guy? my dad?? or sum1 else?? where's my dad? but too bad.. u didnt tell me anything.. but thanks God.. ur husband a.k.a my new daddy treat me better than my real daddy.. he treat me as his own child!! how bout my dad?? he called me twice a year.. TWICE A YEAR!! but what can i do? i can't blame him... he has his own life.. his wife.. his daughter.. his family.. but too bad.. his wife not my mom.. and his daughter not me.. ouch! its hurt! but nvm.. i'll still treat u as my dad.. why?? without u.. i wont be here and blogging now.. and now.. i have a dad tat loves me very much.. although tat 'dad' not u.. but.. hu cares?? u've ur own life.. i've my own life too.. all i hope is.. u can call me more.. i really miss ur voice dad~ and i hope to be ur daughter's sis too..
sumtimes i really glad that im oni child.. why? cause rite.. i scare my mom and my new daddy wont layan me if there's a new baby.. i dun wanna be alone.. i dun want to be lonely.. i hate tat feelings! i need some love!!

LOL.. i think i write too much.. have to stop now. gotta go to bed soon.. if not 2moro cant concentrate in the class.. haha.. i mus b tough!! i wan to prove to my dad that i can do everything without him!!!

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