Friday, July 20, 2007


seriously.. i duno wat happen to me.. 2day i feel so.. hmm.. diffren~ yaa.. i didnt open my mouth and talk for the whole day.. break record! hahaa..
2day i absent to sku.. i ate the expired food last nite.. so.. dis morning 'visited' the toilet for 6 times!! owh~ in the afternoon.. i feel better.. so i eat alot... but........ after i eat.. i vomit.. -.-'' duh~
i dunno y.. suddenly feel so lonely~ LOL.. my parents treat me as a stranger.. i dunno what to do.. i need someone to care bout me.. but.. hu's going to do that??? im only child.. i dun have any siblings.. so.. im always alone.. YA.. i know.. i have a bf.. i have friends.. i have everything!! daddy buy everything for me.. so what?? love is priceless.. money cant buy love!!

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