Tuesday, July 24, 2007

happy~ ^^

just now daddy said he allowed me to go to hong kong after pmr.. yay!! so that i can get my favourite clothes and bearbricks from CLOT!!! thanks God!!! hahahahahaa...
bearbricks bearbricks... karena is coming on october!! wait for me ya~!

oh yaa.. 2day i got my prefect's skirt edi.. oh damn.. it was so loose and long!! gotta wear it on next monday.. wow.. so nervous!!! LOL

2day esther and me went to the boy's toilet.. i mean man's toilet.. oops.. or shud i call that guy's toilet?? fine.. whateva~ that time the 'mak cik' was washing the girl's toilet.. arghh.. that time we cant wait anymore... so we used the guy's toilet.. all the workers were staring at us.. haha!! oh well.. our sku want to build some new buildings.. so there's alot of workers there.. but who cares what they think bout us?? LOL

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