Wednesday, July 4, 2007

i cried....

juz now.. 2 form 5 seniors came in and they said pn.salinah wants to see all prefect and probates.. eunice n me were like.. OMG!! perlantikan!!
thiba,ashwini,eunice and me went into the teacher's room.. pn. salinah aka the guru disiplin.. gave thiba n eunice the letter... den.. she said sorry 2 me n ashwini... i was like.. WHAT?? serious?? omg!!! how could this happen to me!! I wanted to cry.. but i tell myself, 'weiwei, u cant cry!!!'
fineee.. at last i didnt cry.. when i walked out with ashwini.. my tears started to drop.. yeaa.. i cried... i was so disapointed... and.. i felt its unfair.. then i went in n tok to teacher.. i asked teacher y i cant get the letter.. teacher said not her fault.. then i keep explain explain n explain... teacher said she'll give me 1 chance.. go back n write a letter bout 'WHAT TO DO TO LET PN.SALINAH ACCEPT ME'... i have no idea.. i dunno wat 2 write.. but.. i dunwan to give up.. if i dun write the letter.. means.. i have to take off my ribbon n stop my duty.. ouch!!!
i dun k!! i must write it!!!

p/s: Rachel, thanks 4 ur hug.. i do feel better after u gave me the hug.. thanks!!


Berberboo said...

eyyy karena... jia you orrr... dont cry anymore la... u sure can come up with something for ur teacher... ^^

Karena said...

thanks amber!!muackss!!