Friday, July 6, 2007


saya sudah fikir masak-masak. saya ingin putus hubungan. saya tau ko main tiga kayu dengan saya. jangan main dengan hati saya okay?


i think cook cook already. i want disconnection.. i know you play three wood with me.don't play play with my liver, okay?

LOL.. copy it from someone's blog... hahaha... well.. im joblesss... dun blame me k? n i know i shud go n study... exam on monday.. n 2day is friday... lol.. watevaaa~


by the way... 2day i didnt feel sleepy during geography class.. lol.. actually rite.. geography is an interesting subject.. but...................... the teacher make the whole class feel sleepy.. if can bring camera to sku.. i will take a pic of them! hahaha.. our 'beloved' geography teacher aka pn.edah.. always look at us.. and smile at us while she's teaching.. u know what? she always 'fong din' to us 1... argh.. cant tahan her electric... so geli~ =.=''

oh ya.. i found something interesting during the class.. teacher taught us bout the recycle thingy.. when v learn bout 'RECYCLE IN DENMARK'... i found dis.. hu can pronounce??

''programe Affaldsbekendtgoerelsen'

oh ya.. i accidentally took atiqah's text book.. i found 2 photo inside the book... haha..

vienna and atiqah~

vienna and sharifah.. pretty rite? ^^


to piggy sayang:
*ahem*... panda is protected animal k? dun try 2 fry or kill the panda.. very pity 1 u know? hmm.. if u dunwan panda.. den go to find a pig lo.. u know what i mean right? LOL.. see~ ur mrs lol give u permission to find pig.. HAHAHAH... newayz.. always remember that panda is protected animal! so u have to protect me!!! love ya baby!!

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