Friday, July 13, 2007

i miss my baby!!

just now.. 11.40pm.. i wanted to go to the bed 1.. then... i suddenly saw this...

(8)(8)HARdy pArTy RocK And roLl, DrINk BAcARdi AND smoKE a boWL (LOL WTF? noT True)(8)(8) has just signed in.

awww!! its my darling!! yayyyyy~ i misssss him so damn much u noe!~ didnt chat with him for 3 days edi.. sth wrong with his fon.. and he didnt bring his laptop along~ LOL

chat with baby frans for almost 1 hour... den he said he gotta go edi.. sum1 wants to use the com.. sob!! i cant wait for dis saturday laaaaa~!!!!!

btw.. i very sleepy!! gotta go to bed now! nitezz~

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