Sunday, July 15, 2007

memorable day~

yesterday night i was toooooo tired so i didnt update my blog.. sorry k?
well.. yesterday went out with my baby frans.. my bestie were there too.. but.. we seperate la.. hahaha.. they said they dunwan disturb both of us.. wateva~
oh well.. im not going to post too much bout wat happened on yesterday.. secret k?? ^^
we just walking around.. had our lunch.. met my bestie for 'a while'... then went to his room and watched tv.. ya.. watched tv only.. jangan fikir bukan-bukan k? LOL.. erm.. and of coz got hug n kiss la.. =X i guess every couple did that right?? hahah.. *ahem* and dis prove that people can french kiss with braces k??!!

i gave that hand thingy which with my name on it to my piggy~

here are some pic that i took with my frens...

yaa.. we'r wearing the same necklace.. LOL

in pui yee's room

pui yee was busy sms-ing and manda was eating?? hahah...

To my piggy sayang:

aww baby!! i miss ur huggiesss and kissessss!! love ya truckloads!! mus take k in ur hometown ya!! muackss~!

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