Thursday, July 12, 2007


yup... merdeka!! finally the exam is over~ well.. the physical education drive me crazy man!! everything that i memorize didnt came out!! arghh!!! they asked bout the gymnastic and all.. duhh~ fineeee~ the exam is over.. dun wanna think bout it anymore! hahah.. now is the time to relax!! *peace*

oh by the way.. guess what? juz now i reached home at 1.45pm and i started to sleep from 2.15pm i guess.. and guess what time i woke up? *ahem* i woke up at 11.50pm... *sweat* haha...

today: wednesday
2moro: thursday
the day after 2moro : friday
the day after 2moro's 2moro: saturday

well.. im waiting for the day after 2moro's 2moro.. i miss my baby so much!!

im listening to eddie's lastest's song.. 'ni hai ji de wo ma'.. i love his style.. i know some ppl dunlike him.. and complained that his songs are rubbish.. some of them even complained bout his attitude.. *ahem* well.. who cares bout that?? as long as he doesn't copy other people's style and all.. he has his own style.. own fashion sense.. Levi's jeans company even invited him to design some jeans.. and he had his own fashion shop, music company... even Stephen Chow aka Zao Sing Chi also support him~ why dun you guys just change ur mind? LOL!! he's the youngest CEO in HK u know?? but too bad.. he's taken by Vincy~ hahaa.. *sweet sweet couple*


(limited edition)

the album's design so nice mannn!!

thanks Kai Jin for getting me this KING SIZE Kit Kat... yummy yummy~

the bunny so cuteeee~ ^^

by the way.. any1 going to china/taiwan/hong kong?? i want the pepsibears!! my mom not allowed me to go anywhere before my pmr!! ishh!! any1 can help me to buy?? dun worried.. i will pay it back!!~~ *please*

well.. i think thats all for 2day~ im soooooo hungry right now!! gotta go to find out some foods to eat~ =p

i still look blur huhh? =p

oh ya peeps!! nowdays the weather is terrible~ drink more water and take k of urself k? =)

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