Thursday, July 12, 2007

waiting for the day after 2moro~

well.. 2day michelle have to stay back at school till 3pm bcoz her mom not freee.. and she have to wait alone in the sku~ pity right? so.. i stay back and accompany her.. so good right? *ahem* we had our lunch at queenparks's starbucks.. both of us ordered cheesecake and java chips blended~ finally i can get to eat cheesecake!!! i waited for so longgggggg edi u know? i wanted to eat cheesecake few days ago~ LOL.. we crap crap crap till 2 sth then walked back to sku.. omg! my mom was waiting for me outside the sku.. thanks God bcoz she didnt scold me~ LOL

just now received a msg from my hubby.. guess what he said??

baby ah ~so sorry u knoe!!! i got 2 go back 2 indonesia coz i shot a grandma on a street in singapore!! kidding!! i'm in genting highland now and my phone is having sum kind of problem, can't sms at all!! it's ok~ i will try 2 contact u when i get to KL tomorrow =p

duhh.. shot a grandma?? swt-ness

i wasssssssssssss so boring in the house.. soooo... i started to cam-whored.. -.-'' dun blame me.. everygirl love camwhoring am i right? HAHAHAHA

oh yaa... my beloved dad bought me eddie's latest album from hong kong!! the limited edition album!! the hong kong deluxe album!! GOD GOD GOD!! thanks daddy!! i love u truckloads!! muackssssss~!!

eddie is promoting his album in taiwan.. his cloth so nice man~

the reflector negra tee is glowing!!!~ not bad not bad!~

oh by the way.. did i told u guys tat i was addicted to the pepsibears?? LOL.. look at the pic below.. the blue pepsibear is kissing the pink pepsibear~ so cuteeeeeeeeee~

conclusion of the day:

errr.. i dunno... I AM WAITING FOR THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!

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