Tuesday, August 21, 2007



im still sleeping...

*ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong*

i cant stand it anymore.. its so annoying.. so i woke up from my bed and went to opened to door.. i saw amanda and rachel were standing outside of my house!! OMG!!

i suppose to wake up at 8.30am.. as i want to tumpang manda and rach's taxi.. but.. i WOKE UP AT 9.15am.. and we MUST b at pui yee's house at 9.30am!! wat the fishh... i have to rush rush rush rush rush and rush... -.-''

went to py's house bising 4 awhile.. then walked to...

the 1st place we went when we reached there was...

go there for wat?? for sure la go to cheong k... LOL

look at py,manda and rach... they were STANDING on the sofa...
curi-curi took a photo of them.. they looked so enjoy huhh..

2nd pic.. py realised that i took a pic of them.. and she posed for the pic... look at amanda n rachel.. they looked like they were singing for their own concert.. LOL

this chicken rice made pui yee 'cried'.. she said it was toooooooooooo spicy~!! -.-''

the following screen made karena cheow wei wei screamed like hell!! i guess i screamed too loud.. coz the worker went in and asked us what's wrong... swt-ness...

eddie eddie~~

i never told you, i wanna hold you~~

wilber pan!!!

after that.. we saw this...

so the soh poh went to take a photo with another soh poh... -.-

then, we saw this digi advertisment... the rubber ducky are sooooooo cute!! the soh poh went to kissed the big duck duck~~ ahahhaha...

after girls shopping... met up with daddy lee kin weng... every1 was like.. WAH.. joseph thin jor woh... hahaha.. bangga la dyy!!!

goshh.. this pic looks so wrong!!! =P

after that.. we went to Borders to find out a book.. by dr.athapurajah?? sorry.. i cant remember the author's name.. we dunno where's the book.. so rachel went to search for it..

while waiting for rachel to find out the book... we..

awww.. i love the cover!!~

bla bla bla shot:

tiring tiring tiring~~

btw.. 2moro going out with daddy lee... =)

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