Thursday, August 23, 2007

GOSH!! im late agn.. suppose to meet up with ah dyy aka daddy lee at 8.30am.. but i reached there at 9.30am.. kesian joseph la.. he sat there and waited for me for 1 hour.. i felt so sorry... =(
went to the curve and cineleisure.. watched Secret..

i tot the movie will b boring or what.. but.. HEY PEEPS!! its so touching... i almost cry.. ALMOST K?? =p the story tak logik.. tapi not bad~

im addicted to micky mouse~ =) i noe im childish.. -.-

look at this!! i found them a new fren.. =)
yo monster! say hi to joseph~ LOL

i love malaysia?? *cough cough cough*

i dunno wat the hell is dis.. but its kinda cute~ =)
but.. but.. but... i still prefer bearbricks la!! haahahaha...

after movie.. went to Marche for lunch.. oops.. breakfast? erm.. wateva~

section closed?? nvm.. we still can get in.. V.I.P. ma~ hahahhahahaha... reserved for us 1 u noe.. lol.. bangga la dyy! hahahha...


oh well.. i know i eat alot.. thats y im so fat.. hahahhaahha... see!! we managed to finish everything!! hahaha...

but.. but.. but... im.. erm.. im still not full yet.. LOL
so i looked around 4 dessert.. -.-

had tiramisu..

finally.. im FULL!! kenyang jor.. hahahaha... but... when i think bout the calories and all.. hmm.. siu siu regret jor~ hahahaha...

look at my daddy!! kesian him la.. he cant finish the food.. but i FORCED him to finish it..ahahaa..

after lunch.. crapping 4 awhile.. daddy still dunno what to buy for mommy yee won.. 2moro is their 1st anniversary.. 12 months man!! jelez-nya~ while waiting for daddy.. i sms-ed sum1.. =P

pic of the day:

sei lar.. my keys with ah dyy leh.. sob.. kena marah by mom.. =(

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