Friday, August 17, 2007


yay.. holiday finally start!!! wooo~ xD

but i bet my holiday will be boring.. sigh.. how good if i have 2 months of holiday.. ahahhaa..

2day pui yee they all go to mich's house.. too bad.. i cant go.. her mom HATES me.. but nvm la.. better dun tell her mom the truth.. if not everything will bcome WORST.. i miss talking and craping with her!! no matter what happen.. she's still my twins!!

owh.. my best guy fren cacatb aka ho siong koon changed alotzzzz.. from a childish little boy to a matured thinking guy.. although he's still lazy.. but.. the way he talks and acts.. wow.. totally different!! ahaha.. but... for me.. he's still a little boy~ =)

p/s: karena cheow wei wei is sick!!! T.T

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