Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i can't sleeeeeeep

i suppose to go to sku on 13rd of august.. i promised my mom.. TBC members and someone~

but.. sorry guys.. i 4got to set alarm.. n i woke up at 10.46am.. -.-''

i cant meet up with someone.. but thanks pui YEE and mei YEE for helping me passed my message to someone... someone was very angry.. so scary man!! so hard to pujuk... =P *cough*

now the time is 3.18am.. was chatting with bryant koh.. he told me bout his love story.. duh~ i respect him man!! hahah..

hmm.. i suppose to wake up at 5am n prepare.. but.. i cant sleep.. i just dunno y.. i know sth is going to happen.. hmm... INNJIE PLEASE HELP ME!!!

oh yaa.. i wanna tell YOU that i really love YOU.. when i said i love YOU.. i really mean it.. trust me k? =)

*YOU know hu im toking bout~

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