Friday, August 17, 2007

im back to sku~

finally im back to sku on wednesday.. felt so weird.. baju kurung with black shoes.. LOL.. i miss my prefect's uniform.. T.T

tot my classmate will avoid me or tease me.. but.. 3 Dinamik~ i love u guys so much!! i know everyone miss me.. thanks girls!! thanks for the huggies and everything~! =)

curi-curi talked with mich.. so suffer man!! i cant stand it for 2 years!! damn pissed off with my principal, PK HEM and discipline teacher.. what a stupid rule is this?? =.=''

oh btw guys.. dun worried bout me la.. im alrite.. =)

thanks everyone.. i know u guys concern bout me.. i can feel it..

and thanks frankie for the hermescandy and altoids-curiously chocholate!! i love the chocolate so much man~! awww~ but too bad.. i cant eat the candy la.. im still wearing braces.. =( as u guys know.. i have no patience to lick it.. i will just bite it.. LOL..

2moro gotta stay back for 3 Din class party.. weeeee.. will take lotzz of pic.. oh well.. i bring camera with teacher's permission k?? hahaaa.. see.. im such a good girl.. *cough*

stay tune*

awww..i miss someone so badly.. now raining oo.. dunno whether he got kicks his blanket onot lehh?? scare he get cold.. =p

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