Saturday, August 11, 2007

thank q~

im confused.. i need some time...

by the way... wanna say thank you to


sin shi

cik soon


pui yee




thanks for cheering me and supporting me.. love u all~ xD

oh btw.. just now i received a call.. i dunno its a prank or what.. here's the conversation...

aunty: hello, who are you??

me: erm, you'r the person that call me...

aunty: where's your location?

me: kl

aunty: im so surprised when you pick up the phone.. you'r a girl..

me: so??

aunty: i found out ur number from my husband's fon.. what you did with him??

me: haa?? aunty.. i dunno u... and im 14 years old... i think u wrong number la..

aunty: are u lying??

me: haa? what 4 i lie? i dunno u...

aunty: please.. i beg u.. please tell me what happened.. b honest please...

at last.. i cant stand it anymore.. i off my phone... dengz... the aunty 40++ years old 1 la.. =.=''

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