Monday, October 1, 2007

few more hours to PMR!!!

damn!! im nervous.. i scare i cant score well.. =(

newayz.. i feel better now.. guess what?? my father called me.. yaa.. my father.. not my stepdad.. but my father.. he called me and wished me all the best for my PMR.. he said im his daughter.. i can do it.. cant get straight As nvm.. as long as i try my best.. den he will be proud of me..
awwww.. 1st time!! his 1st time in his life saying these to me!! cant believe it!!! =)

and i wanna say thanks to all my darlyns that sent sms, friendster comment, msn msg, cbox msg to wished me!! thanks guy!! =)

i know i should go to bed but not blogging.. but.. i cant sleep.. =(

sorrrry larrrr... *cross fingers*

thanks piggy!!

thanks ben!!

thanks mellie!!

thanks dex!!

thanks vincent!!

thanks ben!!

thanks sis!!

thanks jeremy!!

thanks tom!!

thanks kev!!

thanks koh koh!!

thanks vincent!!

thanks P.A!!

thanks seng hoo!!

thanks goh!!

thanks senior!!

thanks bang!!

thanks kay yan, thanks siong koon, thanks yew jin, thanks ken, thanks amber and thanks mei yean!! =)


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