Monday, October 15, 2007

Have you heard about the news?
the ferry that caught fire while heading to P.Tioman..
4 people dead
4 people injured
3 people missing

1 of the people that missing..
is my uncle
my uncle??
unbelievable right??

when I saw his photo at newspaper..
I thought it was someone else who looks like him
when I checked out the photo from the website.
the photo was so clear
I rub my eyes
and see it again
it's my uncle

He's only 37 years old
how about his wife?
his children?
and everyone who knows him?

If you wanna know
I will tell you
His name is Wong Soong Leng
37 years old
owner of a lighting shop named Topten which located at Puchong, exactly beside Tesco
He went to Tioman with his relative
5 families
1 of his relative is missing too
His name is Choong Yoong Kim
his relative's child
is still a 6 years old little kid
he get burnt
and now he's in the Subang Medical Centre
he knew his dad is missing
he keep quiet
he hope everything that happened is not true
he's such an innocent little kid

They need your prayer,
please pray hard for them.
Your prayer mean a lot to them..

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Natalie Fong said...

hey karena, i read about the ferry tragic. sorry to hear about your uncle, will pray for 'em. ):

Karena said...

thanks nat.. =)

Weiy said...

May god bless ya...

Vincent said...

I'm sorry for sending the wrong information.

I'm sorry once again :(

zewt said...

my condolence to u...

What A Lulu said...

sorry to hear the latest update on your uncle. please comfort his family on our behalf.

i'm a fan of topten. i bought my lights from there. he ran an excellent shop. he will be missed by his topten fans.

Lau Weng San said...

deepest condolense to your family.

i stay in pj, may i know the address of his house?

just want to pay a visit.

penny said...

I am so sorry about that. I went to the TopTen before. and my condolence to all the victims too..

Karena said...

thanks every1.. =)