Monday, October 22, 2007

sorry for the late post up.. was busy with some personal stuff..
went to Midvalley with mei yean on last Monday..
I'm sorry tan tan jeh..
I'm late again..
I guess I lated for an hour??

by the way..
kay yan didn't turn up..
2 years ago, her reason was PMR's coming..
she have to study..
her reason was..
SPM's coming..
she have to study...

mei yean's student card..
found it from her bag.. =)

look at her face..


*clap hands*

random pictures:

had a nice day with her..
we bought a same top..
wanted to buy a pair of same shoes..
size 8 out of stock..
i kept blaming myself..
why laaaaaaaa my leg so big...

I'm broke now!!

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