Saturday, October 6, 2007

weeeeeee... PMR IS OVER!!!!

finally!! finally PMS PMR IS OVER!!!

headed to ts with my bestie aka TBC (without sinshi) after geography paper.. saw our school form 5 seniors at the Hang Tuah LRT station at 12pm.. woo.. they skipped school.. school suppose to end at 12.30pm.. but i saw them at 12pm!! ex-pengawas somemore.. the p.ketua pengawas was there too.. LOL.. saw a lot of students hanging out with their school uniform.. we *cough* of cause didn't lepak with our school uniform.. good girls never do that~ =P *joking*

went to sing k at Neway.. showed them our IC.. and guess what that person said??

him: you guys don't have student card??
us: don't have
him: haa?? not yet go college meh??
us: not yet wohh.. we just finished our PMR today..
him: haa?? FORM 3 ONLY AH?? yiun wong loo..
us: o.O

In the karaoke room:

she's singing some japanese love song which we don't understand and don't know how to sing..

time to cam-whore!!! =p

man man and me~

me and eunice aka my P.A.

rachel and me!! i look ugly here but this is the only photo that i took with her.. =(

awww.. michelle is trying to kiss me !! LOL

me.. sleeping.. don't blame me k?? last night i studied for the whole midnight for geography and didn't sleep much.. and i felt so tired after screaming so loud and jumping non-stop in the k room.. haha.. spot the plastic bag beside me.. that's someone's plastic bag with school uniform.. xD

when i checked my phone.. i saw 15 miss calls from daddy lee.. he's in ts too.. sorry for not answering the calls k? i didn't realised that my phone was vibrating..

omg!! he's wearing CLOT tee!! ARHHHHHH!!!

and he's wearing this Subcrew I-Heart-My-Bike cap.. i have no idea why people is crazying for subcrew.. oh well.. maybe im outdated.. ahahah.. and 1 of his best friend, Foo bought 1 Subcrew cap too.. 350 bucks.. lol.. don't know what limited edition something something.. what so special bout Subcrew cap?? after i checked out their frienster.. i finally know why they love it so much.. the bottom part of the cap will glow.. but can only be seen in the dark or take photo with flash.. check out the pic below..

foo's Subcrew The-Hundreds's cap

hahaha.. i also took the chance to take a pic with this Subcrew cap.. lol.. i know its lame.. -.-

after that.. daddy lee brought me to a shop.. which selled a lot of limited edition bearbricks aka my favourite stuff and limited edition caps.. guess what?? I SPOTTED PEPSI BEARBRICKS!!! but.. but.. but.. FOR DISPLAY ONLY!!! that person who work in that shop said the bearbricks are not for sale.. =( awww.. after that i blamed joseph for bringing me to the shop.. i knew that tonight i'll couldn't sleep and spend my time on my bed and keep thinking bout the bearbricks.. arhhh.. that's a CLOT's logo on their leg... =(

cute right?? haihzz.. sakit hati laaaa.. =(

while we'r on the way to Starbucks to met my bestie.. i kept on blaming joseph.. ahahahah.. sorry dad~

amanda and eunice must be back at 6.. so they ciao at 5.45pm..hahaha.. bye bye!! by the way eunice.. you dropped your pink colour toy which you hang on ur bag.. mich keep it for you.. will give you back on monday.. =)

random pic:

woww.. his handphone damn trendy man.. never see before..wonder is it limited edition again..

no comment... -.-

karena: hey edison.. i love you so much.. will you marry me??

someone: sorry, wrong number... -.-

mich and me in mua place.. =)


Ziin said...

Glad PMR was over!
Darlyn has such a great time wit fwens in ts nia =) im jealoussss XP
Nyways. Find some time we get a hang out together.

Karena said...

sureeee!! nvr hang out with darlyn before~