Thursday, October 25, 2007

went to Yusniza's open house..
her house located at somewhere near Maluri LRT station..
wanted to take LRT..
I don't know how to take..
I only know how to take LRT to Hang Tuah..


asked a lot of people..
some of them call me go to Ampang..
some of them call me go to Chan Sow Lin..
some of them call me go to Sentul Timur..
some of them call me go and ask the guard..
some of them don't know call me go where...
bla bla bla~~

in case of missing and wasting time..
i took teksi instead of taking LRT..
stupid me!!


pui yee tak layan

rachel tak layan..

yoges also tak layan.. =(
she only knows how to eat eat eat and EAT!!


still eating~!!

ya ya ya!!
she's still eating!!

finally she layan.. =)

don't ask me why do I look so pale..
I'm sick!! =(

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