Monday, November 12, 2007

8th of November, Thursday

met Frans at 10 something in the morning.. hanged out till late night.. reached home around 12.. he's so sweet.. =)

9th of November, Friday

mommy woke me up early in the morning and brought me to Cold Storage to bought some ingredients.. she said she wants me to bake something.. at last, i baked chocolate muffin. Some for granny, some for Kevin, some for neighbours, some for daddy and of course some for my dearest. Met my dearest at his place around 8pm and stay over with him for few nights.. He'll be back to his school on Sunday, so I'll stay with him till Sunday.

10th of November, Saturday

woke up at 3 something.. baby have to meets his friends at 4pm.. so both of us rush to Midvalley.. thought we'll be late but we were the earliest who reach there.. -.-''
met up with the Korean, Woo Sug around 5 and chilled at Dome while waiting for the others to come.. Pitipat the Thai came to join us with his friend around 6.. all of us were waiting for Nashed the Bangladeshi.. guess what? he reached at 7.30pm.. duh~
at night, baby hugged me tightly and cried.. Aw, my first time seeing him cry.. he said tonight is our last night and he's gonna miss me.. aw~ =(

11st of November, Sunday

baby have to be back to his school, KTJ before 9pm.. so both of us appreciate our time staying together.. accompanied him to KLCC as he wants to cut his hair.. caught up a movie after lunch.. then back to bukit bintang and walked for awhile.. Around 6, baby sent me back to Midvalley because my parents were there.. too bad, I can't send him back.. *sigh*
I start to miss him already.. =(

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