Monday, November 26, 2007

Alicia's in advance birthday

geez.. I'm so lazy to update! It's 4.38 in the morning now and ya I'm still doing the same thing..

Oh ya, remember my last post? about the APPLY TO BE MY BOYFRIEND thingy.. guess what? I received 4 application.. O.O

Anyway, I'm taken by Edison Chen. *dreaming*

wakakakakakakkaakkaka xD

wokay, back to the topic. I received a call from my aunt and she said we're going to celebrate Alicia's in advance birthday.. her birthday is actually on 27/11.. that time was 11.30am! I'M STILL SLEEPING LIKE A SLEEPING BEAUTY PIG ! tsk tsk!

oh-my-god~ look at my face!


amber chia cheow and my aunt

she's turning 13! soon

after breakfast lunch.. went to grandpa's new house had a look.. while all the adults blablabla-ing in the house, all the kids went out to the playground.. urm urm urm, I'm still a 14-turning-15-soon's innocent little kid girl k? =P

you can't see me because I look like a zombie.. so no photo k? alright, after that went to 'yumcha' with aunt Connie and couzzie.. SO DARLINGS, now you know why my diet plan failed!

tiba-tiba, aunt saw an young lady's car being blocked by another car.. so she went there and helped.. not pushing the car away, but LEFT LEFT LEFT, RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT, MOVE MOVE MOVE, TURN TURN TURN.. get it? hahaha..

she said, '' Be kind to others if you want others to be kind to you and 好心有好报.''

Alicia, the petite

aunt Connie, the baik-hati one..

both of them were wearing my shade.. everyone was staring at them when I took their photo.. LOL

we're in indoor, anyway.. =X

pic of the day:

tomorrow later I got to wake up at 8.30am!!
bladeee hiauuu..

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