Monday, November 26, 2007

I managed to woke up at 8.30am.. not too bad, right?

dim sum with papa, cousins, aunt and uncle.. honestly, I DON'T LIKE dim sum.. don't ask me why.. urm.. it's just like everything are make up by meat.. very unhealthy.. anyway, this is my own opinion.. no offence.. =)

after breakfast all of us headed to Midvalley to looked for Barney's stuff for my sister.. she wants Barney clothes, Barney shoes, Barney bag, Barney vcd and bla bla bla..

managed to get a huge Barney, some vcds and a Barney's bag from Toy'r'us.. (i don't know how to write the R).. went to 1Utama after that to checked out if there's any Barney's clothes.. thanks God, we're lucky.. =)

sorry ya darlings, no photo for today because my mom confiscated my camera.. =(

anyway, tomorrow I'm going to Genting with Alicia and aunt Connie.. DIPAKSA.. it's her birthday.. thats why I have to go.. =X

*stay tune

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