Thursday, November 29, 2007

I WOKE UP AT 9AM!! what a miracle huh?

promised Bryant that I will be at the LRT station at 10.45am.. but I reached there at 10.55.. thought I'm late.. but Bryant's worst! he reached there at 11.10.. -.-''

went to Pavilion for movie.. when we reached the GSC counter.. we saw

chiang ze wei!

he's working for GSC and you know what?

he didn't want to sell tickets for us.. so we went to the next counter..


acting only..

he called us to chat with him because he's bored..

noone buys ticket from him..

ahahahah xD

Karena: eh bryant, you see! 1-10 is for orang cacat one! how?

Bryant: ha? is it?

Karena: how la? our ticket number 8 & 9

Bryant: =.=''

the cinema is quite nice..

in the cinema with si bulu..

while on the way walking to ts to meet Mich and Mai..

I bumped into 1 of my long lost primary bestie, Jacqueline

my babe, Michelle~

I miss her so much!!

Bryant: why i look so fat?

Karena: because you're fat la.. -.-

four of us went to Modern Guy to visited Pui yee..

(I'm looking into the mirror.. -.-)


the place is too dark till we can't see the menu..

Mai suggested us to use our handphone's screen light to see..

mine's the brightest! xD

bryant koh, the si bulu =P

see! those smart people go and use the cellophane tape and stick the tissue..

how the customer going to use it laaaa? -.-

the si bulu a.k.a the stalker took our pic! hmmmp~


jenga jenga~

domino! {failed}

bryant the sifu, michelle the tou dai..

chor dai di-ing

Mai is my sifu! xD

(Bryant, you're a bad photographer! =P)

pic of the day:

Karena Cheow Wei Wei, Mai Takemori, Michelle Poon Yik Chi, Bryant Koh Tien Wei

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