Thursday, November 22, 2007

It's 1.32 in the morning, and yeah, I stay up late again. Useless Karena. I'll be back to K.L. soon, few more hours later. I like to blog in the middle of the night. It's like a habit, very hard to change. Seems like I have a lots of bad habit, huh? But who cares, anyway? My baby doesn't mind about my bad habits and bad attitude. Haha.

This post will be the last post I post in Sabah.. gonna miss my sister so much! I still remember, when I first stepped into papa's house, I spotted a lots of CCTV which make me feel uncomfortable. It's like my every move will be record down. But after a few days staying here, I get use of it already. And I'm quite lucky because my room got the Osim massage chair. I don't know what you guys call that. I sit on it everynight before I sleep. Owh, how comfortable!

Talk about my sister, ya, she's cute. But she makes me quite pissed off when she cries. She loves Barney and she always sings the ''I Love You'' song.

I love you, You love me,

We are happy family,

With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you,

Won't you say you love me, too?

we don't look alike,right? xD
yayaya, saya mata sepet.. -.-''

Alicia and me.
I'm wearing her cloth and she's wearing my cloth.

Alicia: Jeh, you so fat la..
Karena: Alicia, you so short la! *staring at her*
Alicia: I'm not short, ok?
Karena: You're short k?! See! Your cloth so short and my cloth so long..
Alicia: You're fat k?! See! Your cloth so big and my cloth so small! HAHAHA!
Karena: Fine then! You wear my cloth and I wear your cloth! HMMP! see can fit or not!?

honestly.. she memang short la.. I'm 168 and she's 152.. HAHAHAH..
lame lame lame..

she's pushing me downwards so that I 'll look shorter..

erm, this is my papa. We don't alook alike, right?
I don't look like my papa..
I don't look like my mom..
I don't look like my daddy..
and of course I don't look like my stepmom..
I don't know I look like who..


The fat Karena's sitting on the massage chair and enjoying her last massage..

and this are the chocolate junk foods which I'm going to bring into the plane..

Flight without M&M = mati kao kao

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