Wednesday, November 21, 2007

it's 2.48 in the morning.. as usual, I stay up late again. I just can't change my bad habit. Can someone change me please? =X

Oh well, just now I went to Mount. Kinabalu. 2 hours from papa's house. Planned to take lots of photo, but when we reach there.. H.U.J.A.N~ so we headed to Kundasang. The view was not too bad and we bought some red banana which is tastier than the normal one.

So guys, I do have a sister. Yup. She's Crystal Cheow and she's 2 years old. =) She doesn't really looks like my papa but she looks like my stepmom. She's cute but sometimes she makes me pissed.. I love babies but I hate babies cry.. =X

Sabah is quite boring. All the shops in the shopping centre close at 5pm or 6pm. and the restaurant close at 10pm. Early, right? I seriously can't get use of the life here.. I don't know why my papa can stayed here for 3 years! If you wan to have a great retire life, Sabah is a good choice. The place here very quiet and comfortable. Unlike Kuala Lumpur, everyday have to stuck in the traffic jam and inhale all the dirty air. But, I still prefer Kuala Lumpur la. =P
This few days, after 10pm, we'll be in the house. Either watch TV or online. Sounds bored, right? No choice la!

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