Thursday, November 15, 2007

Random Signboard

it's 4 in the morning..
I haven't sleep yet.. don't ask me why..
I sleep at 6am everyday and wake up at 4pm everyday..
hopeless, right?

I call myself hormone imbalance
ho yi mong sat tiu

just kidding!
I'm just too bored..

I was surfing the net and looking for some random photos..

Toilet Signboard:

perfect English

I wonder what they put for the woman's toilet..

but may I know why guys can't stand to pee?

The signboard above tells us not to bring any hand carry..
but does it related to crab??
does it means crabs don't have hands to carry or what?


this will be OK for you if you understand Cantonese..
so when you want to order sausage,
you need to say ''Please give me 1 LOOK chili sausage.''
for those who don't understand cantonese..
they will think that they have to pay if they want to have a look of the sausage..
hahahah xD

alright, this one is kinda open minded..
it's like you want others to know that you're having sex..

Hi E.T, are you there??
do I have a chance to cam-whore with you?

it's Manhattan Style's Fish Assholes

it says this product may be used as a side dish or a main dish..
maybe my Malay neighbour's pussycat will like to have a try..
but hey,
how we going to eat fish's asshole?
does fish has an asshole?


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