Monday, November 5, 2007

It's 4.22 in the morning.. I'm still awake.. I can't sleep.. I miss my friends so much.. I have been staying at home alone for few weeks.. without talking to them.. without laughing with them.. without gossip-ing with them.. awww~ I MISS TBC SO MUCH!! They are so important in my life.. Seriously, I can't live without them.. They are like my daily bread.. Although sometime we argue.. but after few minutes.. we'll pretend like nothing had happened and forgive each other.. All of them are so nice.. All of them have different attitude and characteristic.. I really do love them very much.. =)

oh Michelle oh Michelle~ her name is Michelle Phoon Yik Chi.. We call her bon bon or m.b. jeh.. she's my twins.. haha.. you will see us 'stick' together in school.. before this we weren't that close.. when we chosen as a prefect.. we start to get close.. we have same taste, same interests, same ambition and same thinking.. Although sometime she's a little bit sensitive, but I get used of it already.. x)

oh Pui Yee oh Pui Yee~ Her name is Woo Pui Yee.. We call her wu nga.. We stay in the same area.. just 500m from my house.. We go to school together.. go back to home together.. stay back at school together.. I always go to her house.. Hmm.. She had changed a lot.. from Jason to Joseph to Eddie.. she shared her problem with me.. when she confused.. I will give her advice.. She's just like my little sister and I'm like her big sister.. =)

oh Amanda oh Amanda~ Her name is Amanda See Pui Teng.. We call her ah ma, man man or manda.. oh well.. Michelle is my twins.. but.. amanda's my twins too!! We're the real twins!! Same year, same month, same day.. I borned at 7.25am and she borned at 7.34am.. 9 minutes different~ Of course different mother.. -.-'' We went to Tvxq and Rain's concert together.. We screamed like nobody business!! haha.. She's a nice girl.. she's not kecil hati.. and she's very 'cin-cai'.. no matter what we do.. she'll support us with her full of heart.. She's like our mommy.. x)

oh Rachel oh Rachel~ Her name is Rachel Tey Mei Yee.. we call her tey tey.. she's the tallest among all of us.. Michelle and me are 5'5'' and she's 5'6''.. She's a very very very sensitive girl.. quite 'kecil hati'.. sometime we're quite pissed with her.. haha.. If you don't know her.. you'll think she's very cool and very 'sombong'.. Actually she's a very nice friend.. Everytime when we're down or sad.. she'll give us a warm hug~ =)

oh Eunice oh Eunice~ Her name is Eunice Chin Mei Yee.. yaa, there's 2 Mei Yee(s) in TBC.. we call her Ni C.. She's a very very very very very blur girl.. but this year not that blur already.. we used to 'bully' her.. =X She's very 'cin-cai' too.. everytime after we finished our breakfast.. we'll call her to throw all the rubbish and put the plate for us.. hahah.. now she's the only chinese prefect in form 3.. =X

oh Sin Shi oh Sin Shi~ Her name is Vity Lee Sin shi.. we call her sushi king.. me and her call each other 'lao po'.. =P She's the eldest but shortest among all of us.. haha.. We're the only people that communicate in mandarin among all of the TBC members.. We went to Guang Liang's concert together.. Get the free V.I.P. tickets from My Fm 1 day before the concert.. hahah.. Among all of the members, I miss sin shi the most!! why?? Because she moved to Penang already.. =(

We just love to have fun.. We love to laugh, we love to scream, we love to talk!!

I don't know why.. everytime i make joke.. they will show me the =.='' face and leave me alone laugh like orang gila..




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