Sunday, November 4, 2007

the content below was copied and pasted by Karena. It's copyrighted by Amber. I stole copied from her blog.. I stole copied it without her permission.. =X She called me Kari and she spelled Frans's name wrongly.. haha.. So sweet of her~ Muacks muacks for you!! =)


This is a love toast to all those who are happily together with their partners. For the happiness each partner brings to one another, for the joys of the days spent together, for the memories both parties shared together and for every minute that was spent together, that made every day so worthwhile, when having each other in their lives.

To June and David... =D

To Kit and Mark... =D

To Kari and Fran... =D

To Cher and Melvin... =D

To Win and Charles... =D

To Irene and Jason... =D

And to everyone out there... CHEERSSSS!!! Love your partner with all your heart. =) Do not let them down, even for the slightest and most insignificant reasons. Cherish the joy that both of you had with each other. Coz love is all around.

And for someone that i cherish with all my heart, these two hearts represent our own hearts. Just give me your heart, coz you already took mine away. Love ya lots.

In Berberboo's mind: Phew, cutting the bread into hearts was damn tiring. Shit. Haha, but it is all worthwhile then. Copyrighted by Berberboo. No stealing of pictures without permission. =P

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