Saturday, November 3, 2007


Black Roses represents death

Purple Roses represents enchantment and love at first sight

Blue Roses represents mystery and intrigue

Green Roses represents fertility

Orange Roses represents new beginning

Yellow Roses represents friendships and caring

Deep Pink Roses represents gratitude , respect and sympathy

White Roses represents purity and brightness

Red Roses represents love-deep, passionate and ever lasting love

Get it from Johnny's blog..
I chose all of it except black and green.

I didn't choose black because it represents DEATH. Ya, I admit. It's my fear. Death is the end of physical life and also the penalty for sin. I know everyone have to pass through it, but I'm not ready yet. I haven't enjoy my life. =X

I didn't choose green because urm, I don't know? I will need fertility treatment if I fail to get a baby in the future.. xD

how about you??

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