Wednesday, November 28, 2007

went to Genting yesterday to celebrated Alicia's birthday.. after lunch, we wanted to buy some chocolate muffins from Kenny Rogers.. guess what? we got 5 muffins with RM1 each..

Me: Bang, I want 2 chocolate muffins..

Him: Nah, I free one muffin for you la..

Me: Why?

Him: Tak pe laaa..

Me: Then can you give me 1 more because today is my cousin's birthday..

Him: Sure, no problem..

Me: =)

Him: Aiya, I bagi you guys 5 la.. okayy?

I thought noone buys the muffin so he forces me to buy it.. but when i paid him RM10.. he gave me back RM5 changes.. O.O

which means buy 2 free 3 or RM1 for each muffin!

Kenny Rogers rugi weh!!

Me: bang, thank you ya!

Him: You're welcome.. Err, can you give me your handphone number?

Alicia: Hah?! *pulled my hands and walked away*


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