Wednesday, November 7, 2007

yesterday night I told mommy that I want to diet..
then the next day,
she came back with
chipsmore, biscuit, pringles, yakult, and vitagen..


those Carlsberj's not mine~

and this chipsmore snow chocolate quite nice.. =)

I have this small Guinness refrigerator in my kitchen..
can you guess it's height?

it's taller than the blender..
I measured it..
38cm tall..


anyway, that machine beside the refrigerator is blender, right?
I forget what does it calls..
so I asked my friends..
some of them said juicer..
some of them said juice maker..
some of them said blender is to blend balachan..
correct me if I'm wrong, k? =)

oh ya,
tomorrow my chindon is coming to KL.. =P
can't wait for this Thursday man!


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