Friday, November 16, 2007


yup.. it's 4.26 in the morning..

and I'm still facing the computer..
I found out something interesting when I checked my mail just now..

first of all, I wanna ask you a question..
how do you pronounce LANCAU?
that's not a badword k?

LANCAU stands for
"Lawyers National Campaign against Untouchability, Nepal"

believe it or not?

Here's the brief introduction of LANCAU:

LANCAU NEPAL is a law based social engineering organization, dedicated to uproot the ages old untouchability system from Nepal and influence the neighbouring nations to do the same. Support out 'Untouchability Elimination Decade 2005-2015".

This is their website!
Go ahead click on the LINK HERE.
Browse and explore their site, they even have a section called "LANCAU NEWS".
A brief walk through their blog indicates that this LANCAU is actually doing a good job in upholding human rights and discriminations.


Wingz said...

har the forwarding this article of mine in emails ledi??!!

nah heres the original article

Karena said...

hey wingz.. ya i get this from forwarded email.. =)