Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Birthday Celebration II @ Midvalley [7th of December]

eessssh! finally can upload photos!

7th of December was the actual day of my birthday.. but I celebrated 1 day in advance with my bestie because Michelle's went to camp on my birthday.. church camp! whoah!

I don't want to be alone at home on my birthday so I had another birthday celebration with daddy Joseph, mommy YeeWon and bestie Chien Mun.. as usual, I lated for 30 minutes again~ I just don't know why I can't be on time! *double sigh*

We watched two movies on that day.. yeah, TWO MOVIES! -.-''

once again, pictures can talk, I don't need to.. so peoples, enjoy the photos ya! =)

my daddy was so disappointed with his marks! and my mommy looked so worried.. LOL

lee kin weng, grab this photo! =P

so now you know why we are family~

.black heart. hati hitam. hak sam. hei xin.

this is the only picture of Ben of the day!

family portrait.. =)


this is what I do if I can't finish the food.. yucky right? HAHAHAHAH!

woo-hoo! beer tower peoples!

oh well, nice atmosphere but un-yummy food.. but hey! the foods are cheap! 3 meals and 2 jug of Carlsberg only costed RM169++ wookayy, since my dad and mom were bilibala-ing.. and I'm bored.. so I start to cam-whored! *ngek ngek ngek*

just for 1 day okay? =X


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