Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Birthday Celebration III @ Hard Rock Cafe [8th of December]

being honest.. after staying so long in Malaysia..I actually never step into our country's Hard Rock Cafe before.. I went to many country's but not ours.. what a shame!

alright, my papa's eldest brother which means my uncle, my papa's eldest brother's wife which means my aunt, my papa's eldest brother's daughter which means my cousin and my papa's younger sister's daughter which means my cousin also, celebrated my belated birthday with me.. sorry peoples.. I'm just typing rubbish.. you guys can just ignore what I typed.. hahahah xD

okay.. I actually call my aunt as sis Mandy.. she's only 35, anyway.. don't you think it's too cruel to call her auntie? hahahahah.. see, I'm good~ =)

p/s: that day I look like zombie as lacked of sleep.. I only slept for 2 hours!! do not complain k?

why don't they just put Restaurant Hard Rock Cafe as in English or Restoran Hard Rock Kafe as in Malay?
Restoran is Malay, anyway..

I just have the feelings that Christmas is on tomorrow!!

cool, eh?

Sex on the Beach! O.O

wookay, while waiting for the foods.. we cam-whored! this is normal, right? =p

the food:

actually the foods are almost the same as others.. but not bad larh..

the unfinished food..

Oh-My-God, right?
she's forced to posed like this, anyway..
forgive her, peoples! but I think she looks like as if she's brushing her teeth! LOL

all of the sudden.. the waiters came out with a cake and they asked me to stand on the chair and turn a round!! WHAT THE FISH?? of course I don't want to.. but everyone at the back keep on calling me to do so.. GOSH! but not too bad laa.. everyone in the restaurant sang birthday song for me.. xD

what a surprised!

look at the back, peoples! everyone was looking!! =X

oh well, although it's a belated one.. but who cares? there're almost 100 peoples from different countries celebrated with me!! I'm happy! =)

In the car:

[note: we cam-whored again!]

my little princess, Amber Chia Cheow~

I didn't called her to posed like that.. she herself posed like that!!

the copy chipmunk! I don't call it copy cat because I don't like cat.. =P

Amber's good in cam-whoring!! O.O

San Francisco.. remind me of someone named Frans Fiscal! *ahem*

yes yes yes, that's the way I laugh! told you I'm not that kind of girlish girlish girl~ ahahah xD

both of us have single eyelids.. ehehehehe.. mata sepet!

picture of the day:

Thanks everyone!

I text-ed Sis Mandy and thanked for everything.. she replied:

You're welcome. Glad you enjoy it. There's many more to come! Next year would be more.. If u have the time for us.. He he he.. Always remember that we're family.. That's what family is for! =)

aww, that's so sweet of her!! =)

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**Chia Xin** said...

u make me hungry..
anyway, i also wore a Superman T on my burfday xD