Saturday, December 8, 2007

Birthday Celebration @ Sunway Pyramid [6th of December]

As you guys know, I'm a December baby.. so does Amanda.. We born in the same year, same month, same day and same hour! It's just 9 minutes different! Peoples, it's difficult to find a best friend who born in the same day as you.. and yeah, I've to admit that I'm lucky. =)

this will be a short post because I'm lazy to post.. enjoy the photos!

Me & Amanda

take photo in the toilet is a MUST for girls!

and take photo while you're waiting for food is a MUST, too~ =P

there's the only Thai restaurant at Sunway Pyramid..
so, no choice!

the green curry chicken's just okay-ookayyy..

photos of the day:

looks so wrong, right? =P

anyway, I wanna:

thanks Michelle for waiting for me for 1 hour..

thanks Rachel for coming..

thanks Amanda for the comfortable present..


thanks Rachel & Michelle for the overprice present..

muacksssssssssssss for 3 of you!

more posts coming up! uploading photos with blogger is SLOW!
stay tune, peoples!


vi-t said...

hey lao po
hapi belated bufday again
luv u!

Karena said...

weee.. thanks lao po! wo ai ni! =P