Wednesday, December 26, 2007

[Dinner @ Grandpa's place, 22nd of December]

wokay.. today is 'goh dong'.. 冬至 in chinese.. went to grandpa's house for dinner.. his girlfriend a.k.a. the china lady cooked the dinner.. did I mention my grandpa has a girlfriend? hmm.. none of my family member like her.. wait.. there's one! my grandpa!

we didn't ate much and we didn't finish the food! well, we'll finish it if grandpa cook it.. so mean, huh? =P the china lady forced me to eat her yucky glutinous rice ball [汤圆].. I don't know.. guess there's a big different between Malaysia's and China's? ha ha ha! she kept on asking me whether it tasted nice or not.. with her China slang.. and of course I said nice.. manners, okay! I learned moral for 11 years, peoples! [included kindergarden] LOL!

[Outing @ 1 Utama, 23rd of December]

after 22nd's dinner, I went to stayed over at Amber Chia Cheow's place.. she woke me up early in the morning.. 8am peoples! whoah! she started to knocked the door at 8am and I woke up at 10am! sorry ya honey! =X

look at my sleepy face! and hey! she's good in computer games! her playhouse Disney game..
she knows how to online and all.. she's only 4 years old okay?!

we cam-whored in the car..

us again! ha ha ha!

got this balloon outside the cinema..
okay, watched Alvin and the chipmunks again! I watched it twice already! the first time I watched with Bryant..
I watched The Legend twice, too! first time with Abdullah and the 2nd time with Alexander.. =X

Barney exhibition..

and I bought 2 dresses for Crystal.. she loves Barney! (=

Dinner Time:

she's mine, peoples! =)

I love her! guess what? when we walking around.. then she asked,
''jeh jeh, can I hold your hand?''



SimpleJoshua said...

so sweet...
can i hold yours too??? :)

Karena said...

u slowly wait la! LOL

SimpleJoshua said...

been waiting already ah... :)
still waiting... =>

i am using this pic as my display pic!!! mmuahahaha