Friday, December 28, 2007

haiyo! I don't know why peoples keep on asking bout my result man! LOL! don't ask, okay? =) and sorry peoples, I didn't reply all the SMS.. I got credit but, I just don't feel like replying.. peoples who received my SMS in these few days were damn lucky! be proud, peoples! =P

ah well, today went to times square and watched Alien VS Predator 2.. urm, do I really look like 18 and above? the movie not bad larh.. but I almost fell asleep in the cinema.. too tired.. =X

then, I bumped into the abang of mine somewhere around times square.. thanks for the treats, bro! =)


Dennis Coenraad! I envy you! I want your nose!!!!!

I'm freaking tired now..
forgive my short post, peoples! =)