Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hang Out @ Times Square [14th of December]

I know today is already 20th of December.. forgive me lah peoples.. hahaha..

that day went to Times Square with Amanda to visit Pui Yee and find my heels.. yeah, I'm broke already.. so have to look for cheap stuff.. LOL! Pui Yee's working in some kimono shop in Times Square.. and among all of us.. so far la, only Pui Yee and Eunice worked before.. proud of them! he he he!


can ya guess what're they talking due to my expression? LOL

after that, went to Shabu-shabu for breakfast/lunch.. I called it breakfast/lunch because it's our breakfast but we ate during lunch time.. yeah I know I'm lame.. =P

cute, right? =)

and yeah, we took everything.. so greedy, eh? Manda said we paid for it.. that's why we have to take all.. well, at last, we only used 1.. =.='' Erm, anyway, we won't go there anymore.. why? because lipas everywhere!! I'm not kidding, peoples! two babies lipas appeared while we're eating and we forced to changed to another table.. not in the food la.. on the table.. =X So, beware when you go to Shabu-shabu!

after breakfast/lunch, we went to visit Pui Yee again.. she changed into yukata! yukata is the short one and kimono is the long one.. but her shoes tak matching la.. =.=''

we walked around Times Square and we saw this pink zebra lady who's trying on 7 pairs of heels! whoah! too over la.. beh tahan her wehhh! =X

yes, we I cam-whored.. Manda's not looking.. -.-''

KLCC [ 18th of December]

went out for movie with Abdullah and Bryant was there too! He went there to get his salary.. ah! nothing much to say.. =)

fcuk up?! O.O

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