Tuesday, December 25, 2007

hey peoples! I don't feel like typing anything.. so so so, enjoy the photos larh okay? sorry =P

well, this morning went to makan with my uncle, sis Mandy, Amber and Alicia.. =)

my little Am..

Alicia Loke =P

yeah, we cam-whored! =P

the complaint card.. click for enlargement!

In the car:

[we cam-whored! ]

then, Alicia asked me to posed 'gok si' pose.. LOL

both tak layan! =(

blah blah blah pic:

p/s: look at my face and her face! O.O

lame, eh? =p

she can't live without her phone man!

yes, she's trying to tell the whole world that she bought a new w910.. lame larhhh u!

favourite pic of the day:


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