Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hey peoples, I'm quite happy with my result.. but, I cried! why? because I got scolded! the pa pa of mine scolded me for 30 minutes from Sabah for not answering his calls.. hmmmp! don't wanna talk about it already.. =(

and please, I beg you guys! don't ever ask me how many A's I scored.. so far only my family and Siong Koon know my result.. hahahah!

don't waste your time to zoom in, peoples! cannot see punyer.. =P

after taking my result, went home makan then went to shopping! but but but, shopped for school stuffs la.. school gonna reopen soon! *sigh* and I'm not ready at all.. I'm still having fun, peoples! hmmm, I hope I have 1 more month of holiday! =X

our school magazine..

wookay, since I'm little bit of bored.. so I took my camera and snapped a few photos of the school magazine.. don't blame me please.. I AM BORED!

yeah, that's me, peoples! err, 10 months ago? that time I'm still wearing the ugly spectacles and without braces!

Rachel, Pui Yee, Amanda and Michelle..
innocent look! so ging dim!

Eunice and me! ah well, I'm the only people in my gang who wears baju kurung to school everyday!

yeah, since the first day of school.. then I'm chosen as the monitor of the class till March.. and then I'm chosen as a prefect.. trained for 5 months man! and there's only three form 3 Chinese prefect.. and because of this, I'm getting closer and closer to Michelle! =)

spot us?

prepared by Amanda.. proud of her! =)

Phoon Yik Chi a.k.a. Michelle Phoon! proud of you, twin! =)

TBC = us! but but but, I think she loves TVXQ more, huh? =P

this is little bit unfair larh.. her cousin draw it for her! LOL

and hey! today we received a card from our sponsored child.. my family sponsor two children.. one from Thailand and another one from Lebanon..

from Thongthai, our Thai sponsored child.. =)

I don't know what's wrong with me.. currently I'm addict to classical.. feel like learning violin again! oh well, I used to played violin and piano.. but then I gave up.. now I can't play anything.. I miss my violin man! Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Frederic Chopin, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Luigi Boccherini! awww! =X

drug of this week.. =)


Joshua said...

aint going to force you into letting me know your results...
just hope it didn't make you sad or disappointed...

about you crying from that call..
i am so sorry about it... probably it was just a misunderstanding...
so don't be upset over it alright???
got everything for school yet? school starting like next week? or is it next next week?

keep that chin up and smile... :)
you look best with your smile on...
huggies.. and all the best

Karena said...