Thursday, December 13, 2007

hey peoples! my daddy finally bought the tickets for the circus already.. so you guys have to stay tune for the next post! tonight I will post up tonnes of photos! *ngek ngek ngek*

actually I thought of inviting my si lai satt sao brother to go along with me.. but he never reply me.. cehh.. so I'll be going with my parents.. (=

peoples, please ignore the Durex's logo! that's my mouse pad,anyway... =P

oh ya.. I received a forward message in MSN.. and it's quite cool.. so I wanna share it with all of you!

p/s: the words will only appear in MSN..

press ALT button + 22307 then leave it
press ALT button + 35806 then leave it
press ALT button + 24555 then leave it
press ALT button + 20048 then leave it

圣诞快乐 will then appear.. it's amazing! ha ha ha! 圣诞快乐 means Merry Christmas! (=

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