Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's 1.22 a.m. Ya, still early.. tonight I have to sleep earlier because tomorrow later I'm going out with 3 leng luis.. Kay Yan, Mei Yean and Sook Foon.. =)

oh well, this afternoon went to new house to see see... daddy's going to sell it,anyway.. I prefer staying in a condominum... don't have to walk down walk up and bla bla bla.. (yesh, I'm lazy!) Condo is more comfortable.. =P

renovation in progress

after that, went to shopping at Sunway.. it's so near from my new house.. about 10 minutes I guess?

Merry X'mas & Happy New Year =)

CHIPMUNKS! so cuteeeeeeeeee xD

I watch cartoons k?!

and the chipmunk in Enchanted is cute, too!

mommy bought this for me! =)

the normal price is RM169 and you can get it for RM129 from Guardian!

just with purchase of RM40 in single receipt..

which mean those RM40's stuff are free!

grab it fast peoples!

it's 10 in 1~!

testing testing~

I didn't know my hair is that long until I took this photo..

and yeah, I have wide shoulders~

I'm a swimmer okaaaay?! =P

warning: super long post consist of my cam-whoring photos...

my mom at the back kacau =P

AHH!! someone molests me!

Christmas is cooooooming~ xD

my retarded look! O.o

I don't mind to show you guys the ugly side of me.. braces do make us look ugly!

and this is my latest primary photo in friendster.. =)

yes.... I miss him!

sounds familiar? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!

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