Sunday, December 2, 2007

its 4.24 a.m. peoples! =P

this morning mommy woke me up and said she wants to bake muffin for aunts.. so I helped.. I did most of the things, anyway. -.-''

ya, I know. It's ugly... but, WHO CARES?! as long as it tastes gooooood.. =)

went out for dinner at 6 something.. SO EARLY! I normally have dinner at 8 or 9..
*sigh* had porridge again.. =(
braces, i hate you!!!

yaaa, Christmas is coming soon.. and my birthday is coming very very very very soon..
*evil laugh*

Christmas party, anyone? invite me okay? =)

this is for my loved one, Frans. =)
He said he likes my muffin.. that time he finished alllllllll!!!
Anyway, he went back to Indon already.. can't celebrate my birthday with me.. =(
gosh! I miss him so much!

baby, try your best to come KL, k?

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