Saturday, December 29, 2007

I've been emo for a few days.. I have tonnes of problems to solve and to make a hard decision! God gave me too many choices in the same time.. I try to be tough and be happy.. well, it's actually quite hard, though..

I share all my problems with my friends.. well, my parents won't bother much.. therefore, friends are important to me! whenever I have problems or confusing, I'll share all my problems with them.. they'll never halau me!

Pui Yee, Rachel, Amanda, Michelle, Vity and Eunice! They are my best girl friends! We treat each other as sister and wife..

Pui Yee--> I still remember that last year when I broke up with Vic, I went to her house and cried for the whole day.. she's nice.. We give advice to each other and every time when I go out with guys, I'll tell my mom that I go out with her.. and of course, she helps me! =)

Rachel--> she's the one who'll give me a warm hug when I cry.. although we used to argued a lots, but we still love each other!

Amanda--> she'll never angry with me no matter what I do to her.. she's like my mom and she listens to all my rubbish.. I love to sleep on her shoulder! ah well, but she can't really keep secrets la! LOL

Michelle--> she's my twin.. We gossip together and I tell her everything, too! although sometime she'll asks me some weird questions and gives me weird advices, but well, we share everything!

Vity--> we call each other lao po! [老婆] although now she's far far far away from me, but I still remember the moment we spent together! she understands me very very well!!

Eunice--> I'm her M.M. and she's my P.A. she believes that someday I'll really become a M.M.. we're classmate and I sat in front of her.. well, although I'm taller but I love to sit in the front! every time when I feel emo in the class or not happy with anything, then I'll turn to the back and tell her everything!

Joseph--> we are family! why? because I'm his daughter and he's my daddy.. I know it may sounds kinda childish but who cares? He does treats me as his daughter and I do treat him as my dad! I'll pinch him whenever I feel angry or sad.. and he gives me a lots of good advice.. thanks daddy! =)

Benjamin--> he's one of my best guy friend! I'll tell him all my happy or unhappy stuffs.. and he'll never complains that I'm annoying.. sometime I'll scold him when I'm emo.. It's not his fault but I scold him! owh.. but well, he'll never angry with me! and sometime I force him to online till late night and accompany me so that I wont get bored..

Siong Koon--> he's my cacatb and I'm her cacatg.. both of us are quite cacat! we talks stupid stuff and crap a lots! he'll cheer me up with jokes when I'm down! and and and, he can keeps secret, too! =)

Sook Foon--> although I'm not so close with her but I told her my secret.. we share our love problems! =)

Mei Yean--> I annoy her a lots but she'll never halau me! She's a good listener and we crap a lots! =P

Bryant--> This guy banyak love experience.. I shared all my love problems with him and he gives me good advices! thanks for listening my rubbish, dude!


love me or hate me!


Joshua said...

why i am not inside de? haha
probably because i haven't been helping much or given you much impact eh... ^_^

thanks and all the best...
take carez

**Chia Xin** said...

lurvve u XD

Karena said...

joshua: haiyoo.. man man lei~ =D

chiaxin: love ya too~ =)