Wednesday, December 26, 2007

[Monday, 24th of December]

As you guys know, I stayed over at Amber's house for a few days.. and yeah.. I always wake up at 12 something or even later than that.. and hey! Alicia Loke a.k.a. the cousin of mine which went to Singapore alone last week appeared in front of me! what a surprised man!

they were taking photo when I opened the door with a shocked face..

okay, I joined them.. =P

I felt so sorry to her, peoples! she told me she cried all the way to Singapore.. awww =(

because I love her..

because we are cousins..

because we love to laugh.. =)

warning: close your eyes if you cannot tahan lesbian!

ah well.. not true okay? just for fun! we love guys! =P

my princess..

yes, we love her! =)

we just love to have fun! =P

little Am's creation.. not too bad, eh?

told you we love to have fun! =P

I'm forced to posed like that.. =X

I just love to be with her!

the orange+apple+celery+carrot+ don't know what juices..

smelly boobs! ngek ngek ngek! hey! she reads allllllllllllll my messages!

[Christmas party @ Sis Mandy's relative's place]

Alicia! ha ha ha!

Kid: Can u open for me? [ in mandarin]
Jenny: Come, ask me in English..
Kid: I can't speak English! [in mandarin]
Jenny: Let me teach you okay?
Kid: I can't speak English! [in mandarin]
Jenny: Very easy one.. Just follow what I say.. okay?
Kid: I can't speak English! [in mandarin]
Jenny: Haiyo, very easy one! say '' Can you open fooooooooooo....''
Kid: I can't speak English! [in mandarin then run away]


me, Alicia and Jenny


with Jenny..

with Mimi.. she's the twin sister of Jenny.. =)

look alike, right?


he posed!

blah blah blah pic:

favourite picture of the day:

yeah, the moon! but it looks like something else, right? HA HA HA!! =P

In the car:

Alicia looks damn funny!

Sunway Pyramid

Supper time:

look so wrong, eh? =P

*1 more post coming up..


SimpleJoshua said...

wishing i could spend some time with you doing all those too...

Karena said...

har? do wat? O.O